Saturday, October 3, 2015

WIA First Student Event! Disney Talk

As a member of the WIA Student Committee, we had the pleasure of doing our first real event this past week.

It went great!! The turnout was around 40 students or so. We did a fun mixer where we encouraged each person to meet 5 people and find a similar interest with each of them.

After the mixer we did a presentation on WIA and what the organization is about. THEN, the wonderful Disney recruiters did a talk and stayed really late to answer all questions.

It was a fabulous evening. Here are my notes from the Disney talk!!

Matt Roberts, recruiter in charge of vizdev, story, animation
Camilla Eden, recruiter for production, FX, character td
Doeri Welch, recruiter for layout, lighting, lookdev, tech/engineering

What's most important, top 3
- Compelling Stories
- Believable Worlds
- Appealing characters

Applying at Disney:
Be sure your reel is specifically for what you are applying for
Tailor it to Disney
Take apart the job listing and and find ways to directly incorporate that into your reel/portfolio/resume/coverletter

Be really good at 1 thing. Be versatile in it and master all aspects of it.

They have internships and the talent development program

For those returning to school
Summer and schoolyear versions

Talent Development:
Apprenticeship for graduates 0-5 years out of school
paid mentorship
3-12 months

Reel/Portfolio Advice:

dont worry about textures or lighting, just playblasts are fine
variety of styles and genres, subtle and action
2d is great to show as well

One panel per pdf page if digital
show the action, tell a full story
work fast, you redraw things alot at disney, focus on the moment more than draftsmanship
life drawing, observation, gesture should be included at end

Variety of either characters, or sets, depending on what you are working on
Not just variety of styles, but kinds of characters, personalities

Look at how to put a 2d illustration into 3d space
Keep everything as interesting as possible

have an animator friend take your rig through its paces
show extremes
talk about problem solving or tools you may have made
Any sort of popping will kill it for you

Any experience you have is good, no matter the field
find a way to relate

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