Friday, December 11, 2015

The Annie Awards and What It Means To Me

The Annie Awards recently announced its nominees for the 2015 year. Excited as ever, I chatted with some of my colleagues about it, only to find that many are still unaware of the Annie Awards and what they stand for. Others felt some powerful disdain for the ceremony. Why do we need it? Isn’t it just a popularity contest?

The Annie Awards were created by June Foray (that famous voice over artist of many loved cartoons) in 1972 due to the lack of awards for animation in Los Angeles. The Annie Awards is a ceremony done through ASIFA-Hollywood and is voted on by animation professionals who hold memberships.
This feeling of a lack of acclaim is still prevalent today in the awards circuit. Animation is generally looked at as a genre, rather than a medium. No real credit is given by other organizations to try and support animation as something more than just children’s television. This opportunity to support and acknowledge the amazing work done by our peers and mentors is the main reason I love the Annies. To really show off all this hard work and talent to audiences everywhere (the event is now livestreamed).

Not that it hasn’t had its own growing pains and trials along the way. There have been a few scandals in the past years, including a period where Disney and Disney/Pixar completely backed out. Some controversy about studios buying their employees ASIFA memberships to try and stack the votes. Also other ”technical problems” on their voting website during key hours. Yet things have come together the last few years and will continue to streamline.

Coming from a show that almost always lacks nominations, I can be bitter at times that our talent dont receive the proper recognition I think they deserve. I think that is normal. There is just so much talent everywhere and we all think we are the best; don’t let that spoil the whole thing for you.

In the end, I remember that this event means more to me than the actual award. Its the symbol of the Annies. Of a night where we can all come together, pat eachother on the back, and pay tribute to the amazing industry we all love.

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